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Mary Windishar is a popular San Francisco/Bay Area on-camera and voice talent. She’s hosted more than 1000 live webcasts, specializes in commercials and narration, and has hosted TV shows for PBS, infomercials for QVC and more.  Click above to find audio & video samples.

Plus, Mary is a trade show presenter and television producer/consultant/coach.  Other skills include teleprompter, ear prompter, and mastery of her complete audio production facility.

Mary’s got the talent, experience, and work ethic to make your project shine. Join the hundreds of producers who proudly show off their collaborations with Mary Windishar. Call 510.207.1200 or email today!

At the risk of serving an all-you-can-eat audio buffet, here are examples of Mary’s voice work.  In addition to her commercial work, she’s voiced…
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One stop shopping: some examples of Mary’s on-camera work. Mary is a versatile on-camera show host, webcast and trade show moderator and…
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For years, Mary produced some of broadcasting’s finest performers, including Oprah Winfrey (WJZ-TV), Barry Nolan, Nancy Glass, Jan Yanehiro…
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Mary can also record, edit, and deliver finished broadcast-quality audio files from her home studio. Services include: Broadcast grade AT-4033…
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